The Surface Transportation Board Issues Decision Beginning Public Comment Period on First-Mile/Last Mile Railroad-Provided Service Performance Data

On September 2, 2021, the Surface Transportation Board (STB or Board) issued a Decision, Docket No. EP 767, FIRST-MILE/LAST-MILE SERVICE (FMLM), where the Board is seeking public comments on: 1) what FMLM issues are considered relevant; 2) if further examination of FMLM issues is warranted; and, 3) whether metrics to measure FMLM service that are not now being reported to the Board might have utility for the supply chain. FRCA supports FMLM rail carrier service performance data, in the aggregate, to be reported to the STB.  This effort would help fill the gap between what rail carrier data is currently provided versus the actual rail carrier service being experienced by shippers, especially under PSR.  Read STB’s Press Release and Decision here.