FRCA Other Shippers Petitioning the STB to Reconsider its Fuel Surcharge Safe Harbor Proceeding Termination

On September 18, FRCA signed-on to a Petition filed by the Western Coal Traffic League asking the Board to reconsider its earlier Decision to terminate its Docket No. EP 661 (Sub-No. 2), Fuel Surcharges (Safe Harbor). FRCA believes it is necessary for the Board to continue to remedy an unreasonable railroad practice – using fuel surcharges as profit centers.  In 2013, the STB determined that this unreasonable practice occurred during a preceding five year period, but concluded that the activity fell within the safe harbor.  While fixing this problem may be difficult, shippers continue to bear the burden of this unfair practice.  FRCA believes it is the responsibility of the STB to configure the safe harbor properly so that railroads will not continue to over-recover their fuel costs.  The submitted reconsideration Petition can be read here.