Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2020 $37.1 Million and Report Language for the Surface Transportation Board

On September 19, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved S. 2520 (S. Rpt. 116-109) providing $37.1 million for the Surface Transportation Board and corresponding report language encouraging the Board to:  1)  provide a timely and decisive regulatory process; 2) use existing authority to effectively address service issues and concerns impacting shippers and receivers; and, 3) if the Board decides to engage in a greater use of Cost Benefit Analysis, should set a threshold for determining which rulemakings should have a cost-benefit analysis and in future budget requests, the Board should request additional resources to undertake any such assessments.  This is the level recommended in the Administration’s FY 2020 Budget and actively supported by FRCA along with the report language.  Read the bill and report language here.