Benefits of Membership

  • A Strong Message to Congress – FRCA works continually with its members to identify legislative opportunities and develop effective messaging that resonates with policy makers on Capitol Hill. These messages are delivered through a variety of means, including meetings with Members of Congress and congressional staff, testimony before key congressional committees, supportive documents, and other communications to the Hill. FRCA brings together unlikely allies to co-sign letters to Members of Congress – an effective means of maximizing the impact of our unified message. FRCA provides the information lawmakers need to make informed decisions on legislation impacting freight rail shippers.
  • Timely Analysis of Important Events – When events occur on Capitol Hill, in the administration or in the rail customer community that impact the congressional debate, FRCA provides timely email updates to all of its members.
  • Legislative Strategy Sessions – While Congress is in session, FRCA convenes regular legislative strategy sessions for FRCA members. At these meetings, information is provided on recent developments and legislative activity so FRCA members can maximize the effectiveness of their lobbying activities. Key congressional staff members often participate in these meetings.
  • Unlimited Access to FRCA Analysis and Documents – FRCA produces insightful, timely and accurate information regarding legislative efforts to address the concerns of captive rail customers. As a FRCA member, you will have unrestricted access to all of these documents, including analyses and summaries of legislation, political strategy and STB initiatives.
  • A Voice in Setting FRCA Policy – FRCA is dedicated solely to advocating improvements to current rail customer policies. Members of Congress concerned about captive rail customers rely on FRCA as the leading voice for captive rail customers. Members of Congress rely on FRCA as the leading voice for rail-dependent shippers.

How to Join FRCA

For more information, please contact:
Paul Gutierrez

Ann Warner

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